How to Lead in the New Normal

Lessons From The Great Recession IN 2009, in the thick of the Great Recession, I wrote a white paper describing most companies’ challenges. I provided a framework for how they could emerge from the ashes of the economic downturn. As we come out of the COVID 19 pandemic, one is aware of how history repeats […]

Great Decisions Include Intuition

The TEDX Talk I’D LIKE you all to imagine you’re an engineer, working on a NASA project, to launch a shuttle into space. Due to weather and other issues, the launch has been postponed 8 times, each costing NASA millions of dollars. The pressure is mounting to get this bird off the ground. The date […]

It’s Time to Start Dreaming Again

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Reject a Mindset of Fear Keywords: cultural resource management, importance of teamwork in the workplace, improve employee performance, organizational change management. SUPPOSE we are to fully recover from this pandemic. In that case, we have to recover our ability to think big, imagine a positive future, and believe we have the right and the ability […]

How to Create Real Organizational Alignment

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Put Engagement Before Planning When we try and create a “one team” culture, we align the wrong things at the wrong time. Typically, management defines the strategies, goals, roles, and metrics and cascades them throughout the organization. Then, they undergo a series of efforts to engage employees in the new structure and plans. However, senior-leader-roadshows, […]

The Neuroscience of Influence

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The Neuroscience of Influence (2 of 3) by Dean Newlund, CEO INFLUENCE: The actions taken to change the behavior of another person. Last week, I wrote that humankind’s story can be summarized as “the struggle to influence.” As long as humans have wanted to connect with and get something from other people, we’ve devised ways […]

How to Influence in Fear, Chaos, and Uncertainty

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How to Influence in Fear, Chaos, and Uncertainty (1 of 3) by Dean Newlund, CEO ANY LEADERSHIP development training would be incomplete if it didn’t address the ubiquitous question asked by managers near and far: How do I influence without authority? Leaders with authority influence differently than those with no authority. Most culture change consultants […]

What’s the Long Term Effects of Stress

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USRS: Unpredictable Stress Release Syndrome THE EARTH gives up trying to hold back the pressure from below as hot water and steam spits out of the ground at the Badlands National Park in South Dakota. Society’s reaction to the recent pent-up isolation, uncertainty, and fear are like the geothermic eruptions in the Badlands: Unpredictable, uncharacteristic, […]

We Need a New Mindset

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How to Replace Feeling Like a Victim to Seeing Options A VICTIM mindset has taken root in American business. God, it’s been a challenging year. And no one blames anyone for feeling beaten down, tired, and burned out. In any year, leaders need to shape their employee’s mindsets, not just the business balance sheet. Notice […]

Simplifying Change

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How to Influence Others for Positive Results WE HEAR ALL the time that change is hard. Yes, our brains want us to reach a place of stasis—a place where we can relax without stress. However, depression is often a life without enough change. Think about what happens when we procrastinate and avoid situations or people […]

Learning Foundations

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How Leaders, Teams, and Organizations Learn and Grow AFTER 28 years of working with thousands of leaders, teams, companies, non-profit organizations, government agencies and municipalities, school systems, and universities in the US and 19 companies, we’ve observed a few patterns in how learning occurs. Behavior follows perceptions. Leaders who successfully change their behavior first change […]