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As the leader of an organization, the road in front of you is long and winding. The promise of opportunity and innovation excites you, and with your strategic plan in place, it looks like full steam ahead.

But there are likely roadblocks in the way, leaving you with the feeling that your ultimate goals will never be realized because of institutional weaknesses or inefficiencies.

The MFI corporate culture consulting transformation process refreshes and recreates cultures that attract, engage, and keep top talent, board members, partners, and customers.

We’ll help you align around shared beliefs and a meaningful purpose.

Transformation is a process that is timeless as it is evolving. As culture change consultants, we draw inspiration from age-old wisdom, modern-day best practices, research, neuroscience science, and over 30 years of success stories from clients in the US and 19 other countries.

Our ORGANIZATION DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM covers these areas and more:

  • Organizational Systems, Practices & Culture
  • Holistic Leadership & Planning
  • Full Integration Of Mission, Vision and Purpose
  • Strategic Planning
  • Organization Positioning & Structure
  • Company Culture
  • Executive Presence
  • Team Development
  • Mentoring Leadership & Development
  • Quality Management Systems

We teach our organization development clients how to:

  • Lead holistically and integrate systems, practices and culture
  • Improve every aspect of the organization and how it works as a whole
  • Maximize the effectiveness, potential and capacity of both people and the organization
  • Create systems of strategic change management

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