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TEam development workshops

“Cultivating a few real teams is one of the best ways of upgrading the overall performance ethic of an organization.” 

-Jon R. Katzenbach from The Wisdom of Teams


Team development can appear easy in theory.

However, in practice, it is challenging. Long-standing habits of individualism, rampant confusion about roles and decision-making, and a lack of “real team” experience undercut the possibilities teams offer to employees and organizations.  

The first job of an effective leader is to build an effective team. 

Our TEAM DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOP covers these areas and more:

  • Executive Presence
  • Team Dynamics
  • Trust Building
  • Decision Making
  • Problem Solving
  • Virtual Teams
  • Clarifying Purpose
  • Team Member Types
  • Strategic Planning For Teams

We teach our team development clients how to:

  • Identify and develop individual strengths
  • Build trust and respect within a virtual team
  • Effectively and clearly communicate strategic goals
  • Recognize and address problematic team dynamics before they spiral
  • Encourage collaborative behaviors
  • Facilitate communications in a positive, problem-solving manner
  • Address issues of culture, identity and perception and the effect on team dynamics

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