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If you’re a leader with a vision, it’s time to share it with the world. And there’s no better way to do it than with a keynote speech. Keynote coaching can help you develop and deliver a sharp, authentic, and inspiring message.

With extensive TED Talk and executive communication coaching experience, your coach will help you create a truly remarkable speech that will be all yours and joy for you to deliver, no matter what your experience with public speaking has been in the past.

The process starts with strategy. What is your message, and what goals do you have for yourself and your audience? Once you’ve honed in on your key point, your coach will work closely with you on content and organization. Finally, you will develop a simple and efficient audience-centric process to apply to all your future speaking opportunities and communications.

Keynote speech development is a continuous collaboration. Once you’ve landed on the strategic platform for your speech, your coach will provide you with a lot of speech copy in the process, and you’ll adjust drafts to your voice if needed.

You can expect to meet up to five times to build your keynote, with each meeting having a specific goal that moves your keynote to the final stage.

During the process, your coach will refine your script via a shared Google document. And once your keynote is complete, your coach can help you establish success metrics and post-keynote follow-up.

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