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Why The Self Assessment of Social Agility Matters 

In any conversation, there is the message and the style that was used to deliver that message. No matter how important your message is, if your style of communication rubs another the wrong way, they’ll reject not only your style but the message as well. This is where misunderstanding takes place. That’s why a social styles assessment will lift your understanding.

When you are agile with your Social Agility, you adjust your method of communication so others can hear your message.


  • On-line assessment and detailed report
  • Coaching action-planning
  • Interactive training
  • Train the trainer

Past clients have seen improvements in:

  1. Engaging employees and leaders around a common language to identify and fill communication gaps,
  2. Resolving conflict sooner based on a foundation of trust, self-awareness and awareness and appreciation of others,
  3. Better decision making that pulls from the best ideas not reliant on the style preference of the person in charge,
  4. Preventing derailing behavior by improving emotional intelligence,
  5. Increasing innovation by encouraging instead of squelching new ideas that challenge the status quo.

MFI Social Agility Report

The MFI Social Agility Assessment and Report will make you and your team better communicators, decision-makers, and problem solvers.

Our Social Agility Assessment is designed to help you develop as a leader by providing insights into how you prefer to communicate, make decisions, and manage stress. Since communication is the lifeblood of any relationship, understanding and acting with Social Agility versatility will minimize interpersonal tension, and increase trust, collaboration, and productivity. Understand how others see your style with the 360 assessment and report option. To maximize learning, talk to us about coaching and training services.

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MFI has a one-of-a-kind 360 option, allowing you to understand how others see you and your style through social styles assessment protocols and more.

“A one-team culture requires efforts to create a genuine connection between people and an appreciation for what makes us similar as well as unique.”

The expertise of the facilitator was just amazing. This was by far the most constructive, extensive, and challenging training I’ve ever encountered. The Social Agility section was enlightening and very useful. Every senior leader should do this.

Marriott Hotel Manager, Paris, France  

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