Executive Coaching

Whether you’re new to the role or you’ve been at it for a while, the top position requires keeping an eye on many balls.

Get Your Own House in Order

The time is now to reassess your strengths, identify those detailers, find that life purpose, and craft a compelling leadership brand.

We’ve worked with over 700 leaders in 19 counties and dozens of senior executives on leadership, on-boarding, development, communications and leading major change initiatives.

An experienced executive coach, who has been through more than one economic cycle, can be that confidant, champion, sounding board and person who’ll hold you accountable and tell you the truth.

Executive Coaching

Discover What You Don’t Know

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Invest in yourself

You carry the weight of the company on your shoulders. It’s no wonder that most CEOs experience a tremendous amount of stress and worry that their personal failings may cripple the company. We all have fears, knowledge gaps, and blindspots. If you can find the courage to examine yours, you—and your company—will come out stronger.

Take a hard look at your culture

As a CEO, you’re at the center of your company’s culture. Understand your role, and approach culture with intention, so it can work for you, not against you. A strong company culture can drive innovation, uncover blind spots, improve productivity and increase employee retention.

Meet with a leadership coach and gain crucial insights, strategies, and skills to up your game and take your company to the next level.

Enlist a culture coach to assess your company and help guide a culture change.

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Executive Team Building

Get your department heads together. Develop them as leaders.

Together, answer:

  • What business are we in?
  • What external trends do we need to pay attention to?
  • How can we balance current operational goals with a compelling future state vision?
  • What do we value and how to we help transform the culture?

Board Development

Your role as key conduit to the board is to engage, guide, and define your vision while you help define boundaries between the board and the organization. This sensitive balancing act takes extraordinary business insight, emotional intelligence, governance acumen and servant leadership.

We’ve helped boards and the top executives conduct CEO reviews, run successful strategic planning sessions, define guiding principles and governance structures and organizational development.

Strategic Planning

Most organizations develop 1 – 3 year plans. 86% of executive teams spend less than an hour per month discussing strategy. Defining a compelling vision and a plan to achieve it has to be a priority in order to thrive through chaotic times.

We’ve designed and facilitated visioning, strategic planning, executive team development and board retreats for dozens of companies.

We’ll partner with you and your team to achieve breakthrough results.

The Next-Gen Approach to

Strategic Planning

Survive in the New Normal

Many organizations will discover too late that survival mode is no longer adequate. Leaders in the New Normal 2.0 must open their eyes to emerging, even sometimes barely detectable, long-term shifts in the societal and global business marketplace.

Leaders must take fundamental action in three ways:

  1. Leaders must assess how relevant trends impact their organizations
  2. Create responsive and compelling mission statements
  3. Develop strategies using the right set of master disciplines

Organizations that follow these steps will do more than survive in the New Normal 2.0., they will thrive.

The Next Phase of Global Business

The New Normal 2.0

As a CEO, you’ve got to be strategic, forward-thinking, and innovative.

To succeed, you need a clear vision, a true understanding of your purpose, and a greater awareness of how you can influence company culture and employee engagement.

Give thought to your vision

  • Do you know where your company’s headed?
  • Is it on the right track?
  • Are you moving fast enough? Or too fast?

As a CEO, your vision for the company must be clear, nimble and strategic. Many CEOs fall short on the next step:

  • creating a shared vision with leadership, teams and employees. It’s also essential that you map a path for how the company will get there.

Find a trusted confidante to examine your vision and challenge your thinking. Then define and assign actionable steps to make your vision come alive.

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