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LEADERSHIP 360 ASSEssment & Report

You’re either a high-potential leader with several career opportunities or a manager not keeping up with organizational change. In both scenarios, leaders unaware of how their skills, behaviors, and attitudes impact others and the business, run the risk of derailing their careers.

So, where to start?

Start here.

To grow as a leader you must learn to:

    • Uncover your blind spots

    • Discover your strengths and weaknesses

    • Accept feedback from your team

    • Implement change based on thoughtful evaluation

    • Accept feedback from your team, internal customers

MFI Leadership 360 Assessment and Report

A powerful assessment program unlike any other 360 leadership review. Built specifically for you and your goals and strengthened by our team of feedback coaches and unique interview process. 

Unlike other 360 leadership reviews, the MFI Leadership 360 Assessment & Report is built specifically for you and your goals and strengthened by our team of feedback coaches and unique interview process.

Most importantly, our reporting includes an action plan and often, ongoing coaching to help implement a development plan.

In other words, we’re with you every step of the way, for 360 degrees and then some.

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The MFI 360 Leadership Assessment is unique and useful in five ways:

  1. Customization: The leader and their boss work with their MFI coach to identify 10 areas to assess based on the leader’s role, career goals, expectations, and the current forces pushing on the business.
  2. Live Interviews: Instead of filling out an online survey, raters are interviewed over the phone or on Zoom calls by a skilled interviewer.
  3. Confidentiality: The interviewer shares with the rater the entire process and promises confidentiality. The final report contains no direct quotes from raters, ensuring the leader can’t identify who provided the feedback.
  4. A Team Approach: Our time-intensive process involves four people: a person who sends the intake form and schedules the interviews, another who compiles all the numeric and written data, a person who conducts the interviews and writes the first draft of the MFI Leadership 360 Report, and a fourth who finishes the report.
  5. Action Plan: The MFI coach delivers the report during a live conversation and helps the leader create a leadership development plan and communicate his or her goals to team members, peers, and senior leaders. The coach will often support the leader in implementing their development plan with ongoing executive coaching.

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