Addressing Team Negativity: 7 Effective Strategies

Negativity happens. But as a manager or team leader, it’s essential to address it among team members promptly and effectively. Otherwise, negativity can fester and have severe consequences on both the individual and the team. Negativity can manifest in various ways, from negative attitudes and complaints to malicious gossip and beyond. It can be contagious […]

Dean’s Interview: Teaming with Ideas Podcast

Ep 114 Dean Newlund Teaming with Ideas

Hear Carlos Valdes-DaPena Interview with Dean on “Teaming with Ideas” Intuitive Leadership Episode 114 Dean shares with Carlos: Why we want to be working with companies that are bravely and body focusing on the future, Cultural resource management, Why intuition should come out of the closet and into the boardroom, How we can include intuition […]

The Future of Leadership

People at conference table with laptops and speaker standing in front

Redefining Leadership Post CovId-19 WHEN LEADERS avoid conflict, accountability, and setting a bold vision, they become facilitators of consensus. By favoring the safer parts of leadership – listening, encouraging, supporting – these leaders silence their unique perspectives and skills. Creating a safe space for others to engage is paramount. But sometimes, the pendulum swings too […]

Influence with the Right Style

Woman laughing with others

Influence with the Right Style (3 of 3) by Dean Newlund, CEO HISTORY IS A GREAT teacher. Employee productivity went up during the great recession because the underlying message was “work harder to keep your job.” As the economy rebounded, the power shifted, and employees said, “reward our sacrifice, or we’ll slow down or quit.” […]

Getting a Seat at the Table

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Opportunities for the HR Leader YOU WANT a seat at the table but are not invited to be involved in strategic decisions for the organization. You help many parts of the business to function, yet when budgets are cut, parts of your department are first on the list. You often don’t have enough resources to […]

People Development + Action

woman placing sticky notes on wall in room with coworkers

Opportunities for the Team Leader FOR YOU, it’s all about getting results from the work of the team you lead. You understand the team because you were once part of it. You are the link between vision and action, the connective tissue between potential and success. While senior leaders develop strategies and goals, you and […]

Managing the Toxic Employee


You get what you tolerate. AT SOME POINT in a leader’s career, they’re confronted with the tough decision of what to do about a toxic team member. Executive team development is at stake. Leaders sometimes inherit this tough challenge when they take over a team, or when the bar is raised for performance and behavior, […]

A Simple Tool We Seldom Use


Creating the conditions for executive team development IMAGINE YOU were given a tool that could do the following: Improve your culture change management, Connect you with others in a meaningful way, Provide you access to vast amounts of creativity, great ideas and innovation, Bring you a sense of inner peace, calm, acceptance and gratitude, Help […]

Accountability Is Also About What Not To Do

Culture Change

Knowing when it isn’t your business. TAKE A LOOK AROUND – at your employees or leaders at work, kids or family members at home, politicians or candidates in government or at yourself in how you conduct your life – and you’ll see plenty of reasons why we need more accountability. Taking 100% ownership in our […]

Learning Needs a New Approach

New challenges don’t have to hold back new ideas. IF YOUR SPEED OF LEARNING isn’t faster than the speed of change, you will fall behind. Employees who don’t learn maintain the status quo. Helping create a workforce that is always learning is difficult. Conflicting priorities, lack of resources, antiquated training approaches and a hard-to-break command-and-control […]