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Cohort Coaching

Companies right now have the opportunity to revolutionize the way work gets done. That sounds like a rather large undertaking. But at its core, the revolution is more of a pivot in mindset. Instead of just executing, today’s companies must shift to learning organizations.

Cohort coaching is an effective and efficient way to drive the change and leadership growth your business needs to meet the moment.

By gathering your team members into a development program together, we can make the most of some of the most valuable and productive leadership education strategies available.

Through meticulously designed programs, we focus on current-job scenarios, provide continual practice and content engagement, and ultimately drive measurable and sustainable organizational change.

MFI Cohort Coaching is Different. Here’s how:

  • Sustained focus on topics
  • Inclusive group experiences
  • Co-created solutions
  • Shared vision and goals
  • Maximize knowledge retention and recall
  • Form new habits through sustained practice
  • Shared vision and goals
  • Experiential learning

Coaching Skills for Leaders

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