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Culture Change for Remote Workers

As any great leader will tell you, building culture is key to the success of your company. People don’t always love what they do, but if they love who they do it for and with—retention soars.

So how do you cultivate community in the remote work-from-home world?

It’s a challenge most business owners are having to face post-pandemic. With increased demands from workers for some level of remote or hybrid work, you may be realizing you must allow remote work to remain competitive.

Businesses must figure out how to create culture within this new framework.

In this program we will:

  • Analyze common problems experienced by remote teams
  • Review new ways to create culture in a remote landscape
  • Learn how to bring in disconnected team members
  • Assess boundaries on time and space and how they may be affecting your team
  • Learn how to build psychological safety in a remote environment

Whether you’re the CEO charged with defining and leading a vision, the department head developing and motivating their team, the Human Resource manager attracting and retaining top talent, the key to a learning culture ready for future strategies, is to tap into the employee, team and company purpose. The result is aligned engagement that improves bottom line results, increases productivity and fosters collaboration and innovation.

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“A sense of belonging is a basic human need; we feel exclusion as physical pain. When employees don’t feel a sense of belonging, they naturally withhold—they don’t share ideas or give feedback—which means teams can’t benefit from the diversity of ideas and experiences they bring to the table.”

- Harvard Business Review

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