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Seven out of 10 companies don’t have the culture they need to meet future strategies. That statistic is staggering. In the age of remote work and what’s been labeled the “Great Resignation”, this lack of company culture becomes even more pervasive and destructive.

Purpose is the new engagement currency for leaders, employees, customers and community. And it is at the core when changing company culture.

The MFI corporate culture transformation process refreshes and recreates cultures that attract, engage, and keep top talent, board members, partners, and customers. Our corporate culture consulting is aligned around shared beliefs and creating a meaningful purpose.

Transformation is a process that is as timeless as it is evolving.

As culture change consultants, we draw inspiration from age-old wisdom, modern-day best practices, research, neuroscience science, and over 30 years of success stories from clients in the US and 19 other countries.

Here’s how your organization can benefit from culture change:

Step 1

We will evaluate the current state of your business and culture by seeking to understand how it aligns with your vision, strategy, goals, operational structure, and systems. Through interviews, focus groups, and assessments, we’ll provide you a cultural health report with draft recommendations that will help us develop strategies to guide future steps.

Step 2

During this stage, we will help you identify who needs to be leading the culture change process and the roles they’ll play. Leadership strategies for culture change depend on the right people on board. Some examples include senior leadership team, site, and department leaders, board, key employees, HR professionals, and project managers.

Step 3

We’ll help you see what your culture needs to look and feel like to meet future strategies. Next, we’ll create a well-designed roadmap that will help you answer the question: “how do we get from here to there?” We’ll partner with you and develop a customized set of methods and activities that include; culture change workshops, executive team development, succession planning, strategic planning, leadership, and team development.

Step 4

You’ll create a burning platform that answers, “why are we doing this?”. We’ll help you develop the appropriate change management process firmly rooted in neuroscience, change-resistant theory, and motivation.

Step 5

We’ll help you cascade the culture change process throughout your organization through training, coaching, team building workshops, other engagement efforts designed to empower your employees to make the right decisions with the right behaviors.

Step 6

Changing a company culture is not a “one and done event.” It requires a system and a commitment to continuously review, measure, adjust, and nurture the desired culture. We’ll provide you the know-how, tools, support, and experience to excel in your progress.

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    7 out of 10 companies don’t have the culture they need to meet future strategies.
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