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There are unique challenges for all sizes of organizations, whether you are a small non-profit, a mid-size healthcare system, or an international corporation.

Our programs and facilitations for organizations create breakthroughs to grow people, design visions and implement plans.

Strategic Planning

To thrive in a disruptive world, companies must become as strategically adaptable as they are operationally efficient. This program addresses the difficult organizational issues that keep most leaders from defining, communicating and implementing a functioning, goal-driven and ultimately, successful strategy.

Organization Development

To create real organizational change, you need a holistic view and comprehensive approach. Our organizational development program is a deep process of review, analysis, development, implementation and review. Using tenets of behavioral science and organizational development, as well as our success in helping hundreds of organizations across the globe define their mission, vision and plan, we lead the most effective change process available.

Culture Change & Development

Seven out of 10 companies don’t have the culture they need to meet future strategies. The MFI corporate culture consulting transformation process refreshes and recreates cultures that attract, engage, and keep top talent, board members, partners, and customers. 

Culture Change For Remote Workers

Your organization is likely experiencing both benefits and challenges associated with a virtual workforce. While technology, productivity and management can be addressed with new systems and styles of communication, changing company culture within a remote environment is more layered and requires new ways of thinking.


The many far outweigh the power of the few; a well-developed process creates far better outcomes than a ‘cookie-cutter approach,’ and knowledgeable, sensitive, and courageous facilitation transforms teams and organizations.

The importance of strategic planning in business

At MFI, our strategy-development workshops produce actionable plans. We help you build your team and your plans at the same time. Leadership is the link between vision and taking action, and we’re here to transform your executive team into full-fledged leaders.

Whether you’re the CEO charged with defining and leading a vision, the department head developing and motivating their team, the Human Resource manager attracting and retaining top talent, the key to a learning culture ready for future strategies, is to tap into the employee, team and company purpose. The result is aligned engagement that improves bottom line results, increases productivity and fosters collaboration and innovation.


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