Keeping Employees Motivated

Motivated employees

How to keep talented employees motivated in tough times   Across the country, employees are tired of doing more work with fewer resources and little or no recognition.  Burnout is the new normal.  More than half of those surveyed by DDI, a talent-management firm, said their careers are stagnant and that they plan to look for […]

Success to Significance

New Normal

How the Triple Bottom Line (People, Profits, Planet) is Becoming the New Normal These days, everyone seems to be talking about “the new normal.”  We see it in blogs, business journals, and newspapers.  We hear the chatter in executive forums, networking meetings, and around boardroom tables.  Common questions that define this new business environment are: […]

Building a Team

team building

It appears we’ve entered the age of narcissism, for reasons that include fear for our own well-being, companies that measure and reward individual instead of team results, a new generation of employees who feel more entitled than their older peers and a U.S. culture that reveres individual success.   Let’s face it, some amount of […]

Master of Energy

Master of Energy

Everyone is a master.  Yet we have a choice about which energy we master.  We can work to master Abundance (Abundance = overflowing health, harmony and prosperity), or we will default to the scarcity mastery (scarcity = disease, conflict and financial worry) which we have inherited.   Everything in the Universe is made of energy and all energy […]

Getting members of your team to speak up


To see American management 20 years ago, visit a company in India today.  Like many other developing countries, India imitates American business. Yes, U.S. businesses have leaped forward in many ways. But we’ve also taken several steps back. Today in this country, we often avoid conflict by tiptoeing around issues and discouraging debate. In an effort […]

How can our workspace generate better performance?


A few years ago on a family vacation, we sat in the choir stalls at Westminster Abbey — the 700-year-old English church — and listened to choir voices echo and then fade into the abbey’s ancient spaces. My normally fidgety son was glued to his seat, in complete awe. The summer before, we all stood […]

Addiction to smart phones is making us stupid.

Smartphones lead to weaker minds

In a 2015 Gallup survey, more than half of iPhone owners said that they couldn’t imagine life without the device.   Adrien Ward, a cognitive psychologist and marketing professor at the University of Texas at Austin, has spent a decade studying the way smart-phones and the internet affect our thoughts and judgments. In his own work, […]

How creativity makes us competitive


What lessons can the space shuttle Challenger and Columbia disasters teach us that we can apply in business?   According to the Columbia Accident Investigation Board, NASA never fixed the underlying institutional problems that led to the 1986 Challenger tragedy.  As a result, many of them played a role in Columbia’s doomed flight in February […]