Good leaders know how to say no


Bill has been struggling in his new Vice President role.  Three high profile projects have gone south under his leadership in the last 4 months. The COO and CEO are beginning to question their decision to promote him.  A self-professed people pleaser, Bill’s long hours and dedication come from a deep desire to prove his […]

Big picture thinking

It seems everyone is working so hard on their particular area they don’t have the luxury of time to pull their heads up from their desks and get a broader view of the business.  To them, being strategic feels like one more thing to do. I think people naturally want to think “big picture.” We […]

Root Cause Vital for Teams

Remember Newton’s Third Law of Motion: For every action is there is an equal and opposite reaction?  I’ve coined a similar law for business teams: For every symptom, there is a hidden root cause.  Symptoms are easy to see while root cause is often hidden.  Why should we care? We make decisions on what we […]

Strategies for Lonely Leaders at the Top

Lonely Leaders

Before I sat down to write this column I had just finished a coaching session with a newly promoted mid-level manager. Julie started our conversation with “It’s true, it is lonely at the top.  With my promotion I enjoy the opportunity to make a greater impact, but now my actions are scrutinized, former peers are […]

The Narcissistic Team

Team Engagement

For reasons that include fear for our own well being, companies that measure and reward individual instead of team results, a new generation of employees who feel more entitled than their older peers, and a US culture that reveres individual success, it appears we’ve entered the age of narcissism. Let’s face it, some amount of […]

Productivity Improvements Need ‘Powerful Partnerships’

Productivity Improvements

Why do so many people start a new business, only to fail? According to the Commerce Department 80 percent of all new businesses close their doors within the first five years. Of those that survive another eight in ten will fail in the second five years. There are thousands of books, tapes, seminars and lectures […]

Skills New Leaders Should Start With

Start Strong as a new leader

How Do I Start Strong as a New Leader? She was not unlike many others. In fact, her challenges were the most common I have seen in more than 18 years. Debbie was an accomplished worker. She was smart and motivated and after five years in her position, she got the nod to head the […]