Finding the Root Cause

root cause

Remember Newton’s Third Law of Motion:   For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction?  I’ve coined a similar law for business teams: For every symptom there is a hidden root cause.  Symptoms are easy to see while root cause is often hidden.  Why should we care? We make decisions on what we can […]

The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team


Book Summary – by Patrick Lencioni The first step towards reducing misunderstandings and confusion within a team is to understand that there are five dysfunctions, and that each one that applies has to be addressed separately. The root cause of absence of trust lies with team members being unable to show their weaknesses; to be vulnerable […]

7 Tips to Gain the Confidence You Need to Succeed


By Susan Murphy Are you holding yourself back because of low confidence? Do you spend a lot of time “in your head” worrying, regretting, putting yourself down, and wishing things were different? Do you stop yourself from taking advantage of opportunities and reaching the success of which you know you are capable? Without confidence, you […]

To Be a Leader, Be a Learner


Learning may not always come from those above you on the career ladder.  Peers and even direct reports may have valuable lessons to share – If you’re open minded to them. Effective leadership, like success in life, is as much a social journey as it is a learning journey. There’s simply too much change happening […]

The Road to Extraordinary

road to extraordinary

By The Quiet Leadership Institute In his new book Peak: Secrets of the New Science of Expertise, K. Anders Ericsson proposes that almost all of us have the seeds of excellence within us—it’s just a question of nurturing them via deliberate practice. What is deliberate practice? Deliberate practice is the breakdown of expertise into a  series of […]

The Do’s and Don’ts of Tough Conversations

Tough conversations

I found this article today as I was reviewing Success Magazine.  Interesting topic and thought I would share. Imagine for a moment that you’re about to sit down with an employee to discuss exciting new changes to your company. Perhaps you’re bubbling with enthusiasm, sure that she’ll feel the same as you. Then you break […]

Building a Coaching Culture

Coaching culture

Although coaching has traditionally been used as a developmental tool for executives, in many organizations access has expanded to individuals at every age and stage of their careers.  This is because a growing number of organizational decision-makers recognize the capacity of coaching to empower, engage and develop employees.  As the face of individuals receiving coaches changes, so do the modalities used.  […]

Poster Child for Significance

Pursuit of significance

Several articles we have published have provided insights into the growing trend of people in all walks of life to reevaluate their definition of success.   A rapidly growing audience of individuals, companies, and even nations is embracing the pursuit of Significance, above and beyond financial success.  Why?  The journey to Significance feeds our hunger for […]

The Changing World of Business

Changing Business

I’ve heard it said that the only constant you’ll have in life is laundry: it’s always there, waiting to be done.  Like everything else, business is in a constant state of change.  Though we’ve changed our name, we’ve been around since 1992 and I’ve seen business morph and change on a regular basis ever since.  […]

A New Way to Measure Success

measure success

The Triple Bottom Line Scorecard     Up until recently, the primary goal in business was profit and the most common tool to measure it was the P & L Statement.  However, changes in society are pushing business to redefine success and how to measure it.  Three converging forces have set the stage for a […]