Making the Complex, Simple

improving productivity

How simple truths, unite. OUR ATTENTION goes to what is visible. I see the flowers and weeds in my garden, but I don’t see the roots and the soil. Or in business: I see written comments from our customers describing slow response times, but I don’t see the KPI’s or job descriptions that don’t spell […]

How To Implement Your Strategic Plan


The myths, the truths and the processes. CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve just finished that two-day offsite (or zoom) session to develop your strategic plan and do some executive team development. You’ve done an excellent job of getting all the stakeholders involved in defining your SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats), an aspirational vision and a clear and […]

Being a Clean and Consistent Leader

improving productivity

Clarify Who Makes the Decision LEADERS ARE OFTEN conflicted. On one hand they want to engage their people in discussions in order to gain good ideas and buy-in, and on the other leaders want to make the final decision because they have a clear idea how something should be done. What leaders really need to […]

Successful Conflict Resolution Must Have These Three Commitments


Communication without conflict is peaceful, harmonious and pleasant. Imagine your family, fellow employees, and negotiations between nations void of conflict. Wouldn’t we be less stressed, more relaxed, with far fewer lives lost in wars? But communication without conflict can also be boring, unimaginative and repetitive. Imagine how dull conversations over dinner and in team meetings […]

Executives Benefit from Versatility

The first question I was asked during my first day of college was “what’s your major?”  I thought the purpose of college was to explore ideas not limit options. I was given a college advisor who got the unenviable assignment of dealing with us misfits he labeled “undecided”. The pressure to specialize extends into business […]

Avoid Past Goal Setting Mistakes

Your business goals are probably already set. But, how about those for your personal development?  And, what about re-evaluating those goals you have already set? Often, great plans start with a bang but end with a fizzle. So, why do well-intended people set goals but don’t reach them and what should we be doing differently? […]