Achieve Success Through Social Styles Versatility

Social Styles Versatility

It is impossible to calculate the sales dollars lost when a salesperson misses important clues provided by the customer.  We found that Fortune 500 top sales performers possess the ability to identify and respond to their client’s specific social styles. Studies indicate that when salespeople do not adjust their behaviors to the buyer’s, they experience […]

Respecting Differences is Key

respecting differences

Human social evolution lags behind technology.  And usually, after social evolution comes political evolution.   As technology speeds up, the faster we judge other people.  It is the openness to respecting differences that sets those who will thrive from those who will not. Google estimates it takes less than a second for a person to form […]

CEO thank you letter

CEO Dean Newlund

This summer is our 25th year!  A chance to reflect, rebrand and grow. While I’m delighted to reach this milestone, it’s clients who’ve made our work possible.  I’ve always believed true genius doesn’t always come from the facilitator, coach or trainer, but mostly it comes from the clients they serve.  Our job is to guide you […]

Aligned Engagement Leads to Bottom-Line Results

Aligned Engagment

We See Opportunity Companies are facing three big issues right now.  One, a lot of their employees are disengaged.  Two, a lot of those employees are looking for other work.  Three, it’s getting harder and harder to find good people.  The positive spin right now is that we have several different generations all working together.  […]

Good leaders are losers

leadership, leaders, learning, continuing education, failure

My friend Anton, who is Chief Medical Officer at Mercy Health, and I were prepping for an upcoming team-development event when he shared the name of his presentation for this event: Good leaders are losers. This oxymoronic title provoked the questions: Why? Aren’t good leaders winners? Isn’t the point of leadership based on the goal […]

Transform your Career by Taking Risks

Take Risks and Transform Your Career

We deal on a daily basis with executives and teams who want to focus on personal and career development, increase their leadership skills, and transform their career.  I frequently find myself thinking of examples in my own life that align with those of my clients.  For example,  yesterday I was on the paddleboard and noticed […]

How entitlement makes us conflict cowards


I seldom pause a television show to rewind back to a line delivered by a character just so I can write it down, but tonight I did.  The eldest daughter in Madame Secretary commented on college students protesting the Peruvian government. The line that got me to reach for the rewind button on the remote […]

Great leaders architect moments

Great leaders architect moments. Their energy, focus, and agility, attracts others to experience what they experience. Like a full breath during a walk in the forest, or relaxed shoulders when entering a stained glass cathedral, a physiological reaction takes place when we’re around positive, inspiring, soothing, and grounded leaders.   Davis, an architecture and design […]

Intuition and flow


  Productivity has stalled because employees feel they no longer have to work as hard to keep their jobs, and not since the iPhone have we seen a breakthrough technology change the way we work. Economic gyrations and game-changing technologies happen cyclically. Our nine-year bullish economy will be replaced with another recession and new technologies […]