Resolving Conflict Is Key To improving Engagement

To build a learning culture don’t avoid conflict.

IF YOU BELIEVE FRIENDSHIPS, marriages, teams and companies grow and die one conversation at a time then everyone should make effective communication a top priority. And if that were to happen, we have to get really good at managing conflict.
Here is the conflict resolution action plan, affectionately referred to as CRAP.

  1. When conflict arises between two parties the one with the issue will first attempt to go directly to the person with whom they have the conflict.
  2. When a third party is needed to be involved for counsel or clarification, the third party will only be used as a sounding board.
  3. To deal with one issue at a time until completion is achieved. Listen. Acknowledge others’ point of view and request acknowledgment if needed.
  4. Ask questions to get the whole story.
  5. Speak only for yourself.
  6. Ask for permission before giving feedback.
  7. Resolve for a win/win solution.
  8. Confirm acceptance.

The Mount Everest of communication is conflict. Ascending, getting on top of and getting past a tough conflict isn’t easy. But when we create a process for resolving conflict and follow it, we enter into a new level of personal power and possibility. It is here we can express our full potential and make decisions based on benefits not fear, contribution not avoidance.

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“Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak. Courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.”
― Winston Churchill