Intuition Leads to True Potential

Dean Newlund shares his deep insights and vast experience coaching and training leaders across organizations to achieve success.  

In a recent application to an upcoming TEDx in Phoenix 2019, Dean Newlund of Mission Facilitators provides his thoughts and ideas which he hopes he can share with the local community.

TEDx events, aim to offer a unique opportunity for communities to come together to discuss a wide array of topics in hopes of starting true dialogue, create engagement, and share ideas.  Dean feels strongly that he has some great things to share with the community at large.


Summarize your big idea in one sentence


Businesses and leaders must rely on intuition to achieve their true potential.


What makes your idea special and unique?


The speed of change is the slowest it will ever be for the rest of our lives. In such a world, we all have to be innovators and disrupters.  The traditional analytical model of learning and decision making, is insufficient in today’s world. Using yesterday’s analytical model to address today’s opportunities and challenges will result in business stagnation and failure.


What makes your idea innovative, refreshing, and original?


The three “P’s” of the Intuitive Business Leader:  Presence: The ability to get into “the zone”, where awareness is high, and the mind is quiet. Purpose:  The intention to bridge the gap between what is and what should be.  Play: The ability to experiment without the requirement of success.


What impact / action do you want your talk to have?


With rational thought dominating education, politics, media, boardrooms and breakrooms, a whole new approach is needed to solve the world’s problems. I want audience members to build awareness and skill around the Three P’s, so work becomes a place to fully express one’s ideas without fear of rejection, and businesses solve big problems and provide more value to more people, faster.


Briefly summarize your personal story relating to your idea?


After a painful divorce I quit my job and went on a personal journey to understand my life’s purpose.  Should I start over somewhere else, or take my father’s risk averse approach and stay in my hometown of Minneapolis?  On a long walk I developed the three P’s of an Intuitive Leader, and started applying the Presence, Purpose, Play model to my dilemma. It soon became clear I needed to move to Seattle and start a training and development business, even though my father thought my decision-making process was flaky and void of facts.  The day after I arrived in Seattle I met my current wife and my business took off.


How does your personal story support your idea?


My full potential, successful business and my 23-year marriage would not had happened had I followed the traditional fact-based, data-driven left-brain approach espoused by my father.   I not only discovered a process for accessing intuition but gained confidence that intuition should be included in most decisions.  I immediately used this discovery with my clients.


Why would an audience want to hear this idea from you specifically?


My passion for intuition started while getting my Master of Fine Arts degree in Acting at the University of Washington. There, while learning self-awareness and authenticity, I mastered Presence.  Improvisation taught me Play. Later, during my yearlong training to be an executive coach, I learned the skills of intention and defining one’s Purpose.  With these three skills:  Presence, Purpose and Play, I opened Mission Facilitators International in 1992 with a mission to help individuals, teams and organizations discover and achieve their highest potential by trusting their intuition.


Over the last 26 years, I’ve taught and coached the principles of the Intuitive Leader in coaching, training, strategic planning and in facilitating the transformation of company cultures.  Our clients include The Mayo Clinic, ExxonMobil, HonorHealth, Goodwill of Central and Northern Arizona, Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, Thunderbird School of Global Management and Marriot International, to name a few. The results we’ve helped achieve include: increased effectiveness, reduced costly errors, achieved lofty company goals, improved employee engagement and retention and increased the speed of learning in order to be innovative and disruptive in a fast-changing world.


My life’s work is to help leaders and teams in business discover and trust their intuition, so they can fully express their purpose.  And when we have more businesses run by people who are living their life’s purpose, we’ll be leading the change, not trying to catch up to it, while making the world a better place.