To Lead or To React?

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Why the World Needs Leaders to Shape a Positive Future IF YOU LISTEN to futurists today share their ideas of what’s to come tomorrow, you’d think you stumbled onto a science fiction channel. And even if half of what we hear is non-fiction, it’s abundantly clear we’re just beginning to experience the kind of change […]

A New Approach to Budget Season

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We Don’t Need to Suffer Yet Another Loss UNDER A NORMAL YEAR, the fall budget season is never pleasant. Each department-head has to justify their expenses or be told how much to cut. This year, most companies saw their 2020 budget blown apart by having to shut down some or all of their operations in […]

Leading or Surviving Change?

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Approach to the budget season will set the tone for 2021 ARE YOU GOING to avoid it, survive it, or help lead it? A loss-mindset uses fear and control to avoid losing love, connection, and security. A reinvention-mindset uses courage and discipline to uncover blind spots and opportunities to transform yourself, your team, and your […]

Has the Virtual Workplace Gotten Sloppy?

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New Policies Are Needed to Address a Variety of Needs THE VIRTUAL workplace is starting to look like our 13-year-old son’s bedroom: sloppy, unprofessional, and unorganized. The mass migration from a brick and mortar workplace to a virtual network of home-based offices was needed for social distancing, to keep our businesses open and our employees […]

Reframing to Uncover Blindspots

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What We Can’t See Is Where Risk and Opportunities Lie. WALKING DOWN a stretch of road I normally drive I notice all the things I’ve missed: The wiener dog weather vane on top of a neighbor’s house, the Mountain Canyon Estates sign announcing the start of a development, the trailhead leading down to the local […]

What Marriage Can Teach Us

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How Personal Growth Coincides with an Evolving Partnership The Book, All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten, just published its 25th-year anniversary edition. The genius of that book was the way it provided simple solutions to our complicated adult lives by highlighting lessons learned from the perspective of a 5-year-old experiencing kindergarten. […]

Why We Need Intuition More Than Ever

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How to Tap Into the Whole Person OUR BIGGEST CHALLENGE today is not health care, poverty, political divisiveness or even climate change: our biggest challenge is within ourselves, getting out of our own way, finding and trusting our authentic intuitive voice. For all challenges and growth start within each of us, individually. I realize that’s […]

Get Connected to Your Purpose

The Nice Guys on Business Podcast

Listen to this week’s interview by M&A Unplugged: Get Connected to Your Purpose and Passion. Talk about brother from another mother, Dean Newlund is just THAT guy. Not only is he a devoted wine drinker, but he is a craver and creator of karmic culture. If you want to get your team all on the […]

Branding Is Not About You

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To Brand Is To Serve HOW MANY TIMES have you been bored to death by a presentation that was long and way too detailed? Or read a mission statement that highlighted the company’s experience, education, and know-how with little mention of the customer? Or, felt the brand of an organization was confusing as it tried […]

Finding Answers Inside

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Breaking the Habit of Negative Thinking YOU ARE SELF-AWARE. You read books and watch YouTube videos that help you figure out how to move forward in a positive and powerful way. Like all of us, you’ve had disappointments in career, relationships, and romance, but you know some habits and tools can really make a difference. […]