Dean’s Interview: Teaming with Ideas Podcast

Ep 114 Dean Newlund Teaming with Ideas

Hear Carlos Valdes-DaPena Interview with Dean on “Teaming with Ideas”

Intuitive Leadership Episode 114

Dean shares with Carlos:

  • Why we want to be working with companies that are bravely and body focusing on the future,
  • Cultural resource management,
  • Why intuition should come out of the closet and into the boardroom,
  • How we can include intuition into our most pressing decisions,
  • Will artificial intelligence eventually replace intuition?
  • How studying theatre evolved into learning and leading,
  • 5 questions that any good mission statement should answer,
  • Why teams need mission statements – not just companies,
  • The foundations of the neuroscience of influence,
  • VUCA in a world recovering from a pandemic,
  • Returning to entrepreneurship after the stress of COVID.

Dean Newlund is the founder and CEO of Mission Facilitators International, a boutique training and development firm based out of Phoenix Arizona, with the sole purpose of helping organizations become more connected to their purpose and their people.