Branding Is Not About You

canisters with vintage brand logos

To Brand Is To Serve HOW MANY TIMES have you been bored to death by a presentation that was long and way too detailed? Or read a mission statement that highlighted the company’s experience, education, and know-how with little mention of the customer? Or, felt the brand of an organization was confusing as it tried […]

Finding Answers Inside

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Breaking the Habit of Negative Thinking YOU ARE SELF-AWARE. You read books and watch YouTube videos that help you figure out how to move forward in a positive and powerful way. Like all of us, you’ve had disappointments in career, relationships, and romance, but you know some habits and tools can really make a difference. […]

Getting a Seat at the Table

man at whiteboard with back to empty conference table

Opportunities for the HR Leader YOU WANT a seat at the table but are not invited to be involved in strategic decisions for the organization. You help many parts of the business to function, yet when budgets are cut, parts of your department are first on the list. You often don’t have enough resources to […]

People Development + Action

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Opportunities for the Team Leader FOR YOU, it’s all about getting results from the work of the team you lead. You understand the team because you were once part of it. You are the link between vision and action, the connective tissue between potential and success. While senior leaders develop strategies and goals, you and […]

The Issue with Motivation

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Act on Principles Not Just on Feeling THE US TRADITION of motivation can be found in a rehearsal for the movie, Marathon Man with British actor, Sir Laurence Olivier, and Dustin Hoffman. In the script, Hoffman’s character is supposed to walk from one side of the room to the other. Instead of doing so, Hoffman […]

New Tools For Culture

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Get a More Complete Picture of Your Company’s Culture EVERYONE KNOWS a company’s culture is vital to its success, but few know how to measure it. The annual employee performance review, retention rate, Glassdoor posts, engagement surveys, and cultural health assessments help, but these tools provide only a glimpse into the culture. It’s hard to […]

Opportunities Abound

improving productivity

Look for the friction. WHEN THERE IS FEAR in the economy most play it safe and hope for better days. When the stock market goes down many of us sell. When the housing market is weak, we postpone buying a new home. When pandemics bring uncertainty, we stop investing in marketing and training. But as […]

Managing the Toxic Employee


You get what you tolerate. AT SOME POINT in a leader’s career, they’re confronted with the tough decision of what to do about a toxic team member. Executive team development is at stake. Leaders sometimes inherit this tough challenge when they take over a team, or when the bar is raised for performance and behavior, […]

A Renewed Focus on Family

Culture Change

How the pandemic is changing how we teach values. IS IT POSSIBLE that one of the unintended, positive consequences of the COVID 19 pandemic is that the teaching of values will move away from schools and back to the family unit? Since the 1960’s when it became more common for both parents to work away […]