Master of Energy

Master of Energy

Everyone is a master.  Yet we have a choice about which energy we master.  We can work to master Abundance (Abundance = overflowing health, harmony and prosperity), or we will default to the scarcity mastery (scarcity = disease, conflict and financial worry) which we have inherited.


Everything in the Universe is made of energy and all energy runs in repetitive patterns.  The good news is that we control which energy flows to us and through us, by choosing what keys we use. The keys which unlock all doors to Abundance are gratitude, acceptance and humility to source energy (creator).  When we sift every feeling, thought and action through these three Abundance keys we gain lasting happiness and overflowing health, harmony and prosperity.


However, if we hope to avoid getting stuck in scarcity we must steer clear of the two most common pitfalls which stop people from aligning with Abundance.  They are:

1. Defaulting to the Scarcity Keys: Greed, Judgement and Unhappiness


2. Attempting to create in any order other than health, harmony and prosperity


Do you want to grow the Abundance you already have?  The secret to success is in what we give.  At each progressive level of Abundance we focus on giving something greater and more valuable.  At the basic level, we focus on giving our happiest self.  At the intermediate level, we give our harmonious partnership.


Finally, at more advanced levels, we give to create a prosperous community.  In conclusion, our ancestors lived believing in scarcity and thus passed scarcity patterning onto us. Yet now, we know about Abundance patterning and mastery.  This means that we have the freedom to choose between Abundance and scarcity.  Since we are created in Abundance and for Abundance, proper application of this knowledge is the key which will allow us to escape from disease, conflict and poverty worldwide.