Why We Need A Strategy for Stress

Rebounding from COVID-19 needs a focus on resilience THE SECOND PANDEMIC has hit, and it is not a virus but the insidious, and growing level of stress. Our emotional immune systems are burned out and many of us are now in a state of managed depression. In the HBR article, “If You Feel Like You […]

Why Your Culture-Building Efforts Often Fail


Redefine culture and make it a part of how you do business. MANY OF US TOSS around the word “culture” like we do our business cards at a networking event. We know it’s important. Yet, we don’t know how to define it, nor how to create it. We also see culture as something different from […]

How Goal Setting Will Kick Start Your Life and Confidence

Culture Change

Follow the intuitive or linear approach RESTARTING THE ENGINE of our economy will require all of us to establish or recommit to goals. For that reason, now might be a good time to dust off some basic goal setting principles. Depending on your style there are two approaches to goal setting, Intuitive and Linear. If […]

How To Take Control of Your Email Issues

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Sloppy email-use costs companies $588 billion EMAIL IS THE MOST used form of communication in business. It’s also one of the sloppiest and unproductive tools we have. According to a study conducted by a knowledge research firm, it takes workers 25 minutes to get on track after an interruption and interruptions equate to 28 percent […]

How To Reclaim Our Confidence


Balance reality with hope MANY OF US LONG for what it was like in January. Back then we were confident, bold, full of hope and expectation. We posted on social media how glad we were of getting past the challenges of 2019; that 2020 was a year of not only a growing economy, but growing […]

How To Remove Your Self-Imposed Limitations

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Our mindset, not our failures, holds us back. Failure may not be an option, but it is inevitable. And it is not meant to stop us from moving forward. Too often, a failure does just that, and we quit trying. Depending on how we respond to failure, we may never come close to achieving our […]

High Performance Needs the Right Focus

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Passion, Capability and Organizational Need is key. IF YOUR EMPLOYEES lack the right focus, you’re losing performance, innovation and engagement. Steven Covey in his classic book, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, suggest we should focus on “important but not urgent tasks”. But I wonder: Even if we do, doesn’t performance suffer if those […]

How Redefining Success Will Change Work and Society

Why connection, love and meaning are taking on greater importance OUR RECIPE FOR SUCCESS prior to Covid-19 was based on many things – planning, leadership, expense-control, employee engagement – but the main ingredient was effort. Ask any parent, teacher or rock star entrepreneur and you’d hear “hard work” to explain the mystery behind a successful […]

The Business Case for Investing in Culture


Make culture-work a part of how you run operations LEADERS HAVE HEARD THAT culture eats strategy for lunch – so we seem to agree it’s important — but do we have a clear definition of culture and more importantly, a process to improve it? Too often I hear people say; “Once we get the business […]