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Opportunities for the Team Leader

FOR YOU, it’s all about getting results from the work of the team you lead. You understand the team because you were once part of it. You are the link between vision and action, the connective tissue between potential and success. While senior leaders develop strategies and goals, you and your team bring them to life. You constantly make do with less, all while having to present the corporate message with a smile. Despite these challenges, your team rises to the occasion. You promote work-life balance but have a hard time modeling it.

The hardest part of your job is working with the ever-changing interpersonal challenges found in your team. You know that if you had all the people and resources you needed, including an optimally functioning team, you could accomplish amazing things. You play many roles: coach, counselor, babysitter, cheerleader, motivator, drill sergeant. It can be difficult knowing which role to play, with whom, and when. You know that sometimes your own ambition or anxiety or drive is the team’s biggest problem. It bothers you when your shortcomings get in the way of the team’s performance.

The opportunity for you is:
1. To improve your own self-awareness so you can increase the speed of your growth and learning,
2. To be a highly effective leader who knows when to set direction and when to collaborate,
3. To be a coach who develops the leadership and careers of others,
4. To be a great builder of teams,
5. To develop strong relationships with peers and leadership.

The heart of this opportunity is the ability to achieve extraordinary results by linking people-development with action. You can create a high-performance team where members are not just mutually accountable to one another, but also drawn together for personal growth.

Everyone wants to work on your team. You and members of your team transform into better versions of themselves and, as a result, so does the company. You make the vision and goals that have filled flip charts and PowerPoints a reality.

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“Every moment of one’s existence, one is growing into more or retreating into less.”

―Norman Mailer