Feeling Overwhelmed? Try these Productivity Tips


How often do you feel there is more to complete in a day than there is time for?  As a leader, how often are you confronted by a project that seems too big to handle?  Utilizing some simple productivity tips can be your lifeline in today’s environment of doing more with less.


Before you dive into your task list, take a few moments to prioritize it.  Break out those highlighters and color code your list:  one color for must-do items, one for medium priority, and one for those tasks that can wait.  By breaking down your list into these three categories, you’ll have a better grasp on where to focus your time.


Now review your list again.  How many of the tasks listed can be delegated to your team?   One of your jobs as a leader is to develop your team.  Delegating appropriate tasks helps build employee engagement and ownership.  When you take this action, you will increase not only your productivity but that of your team as a whole.


You have a large project you need to complete.  Don’t enter it on your task list as a single item.  Instead, break it down into individual tasks.  Now prioritize the individual tasks, and delegate those that you can.

Time Block

You’ve prioritized your task list, you’ve delegated appropriate tasks, and you’ve set yourself up for success.  Continue on that path by utilizing time blocking, which will help you stay focused on your tasks and could boost your productivity by 100% or more.  Try the following tips:

  • Review your task list.  Tackle your most important item first, using the 80/20 rule:  20% of your tasks drive 80% of your goals.
  • Advise your team of your plans to time block, as this will help them to prioritize, as well.
  • Set specific times during the day when you check your email, which will help you avoid the proverbial inbox black hole.
  • Use a timer, whether on your phone or via your calendar, to remind you of your start and end times.