CEO thank you letter

CEO Dean Newlund

This summer is our 25th year!  A chance to reflect, rebrand and grow.

While I’m delighted to reach this milestone, it’s clients who’ve made our work possible.  I’ve always believed true genius doesn’t always come from the facilitator, coach or trainer, but mostly it comes from the clients they serve.  Our job is to guide you to unlock what is hidden, discover what is right before you, and commit and take action on your purpose.  In short, we’re in the business of helping leaders, teams and companies transform into their highest and best use.

We also want to walk our talk, to tell a clear and compelling story and to meet the growing needs of our clients. For those reasons, we’ve rebranded our message and expanding our team.

Our new website, materials and social media are designed to spark interest in our transformational process that uses age old wisdom and theatre, combined with neuroscience and human development research to create potent learning environments.

Look for a modern, cleaner brand story and more resources on our website; anticipate blog and video posts, a monthly newsletter, and in a year a book on transformational leadership with a TED Talk-ready speech.

Most importantly, we’ve grown our team to 11, whose members function in more than one role:  Administration (2), coaching (8), facilitation (5), strategic planning / organizational development / culture work (2), research (2), and a host of vendors.

Instead of practice group leaders who work independently, this is a hand-picked group of smart, talented, passionate professionals who work together to deliver amazing results.

We live by these principles:


Courage: We won’t step over anything.

Accountability:  We’ll do what we say we’ll do.

Fun: We’ll bring a playful energy, for if it isn’t fun we shouldn’t be doing it.

Excellence:  How we do one thing is how we do everything.

Teamwork:  If we are to help our clients grow, we must grow ourselves by helping each other.

Simplicity and clarityWe’ll seek clarity not perfection.   


As we celebrate our 25th year, I am deeply humbled and appreciative of how our clients have allowed us into your lives, trusted us with your hopes and fears, and given us the chance to live our purpose; to help them live ours.





Dean Newlund

CEO and Founder