Aligned Engagement Leads to Bottom-Line Results

Aligned Engagment

We See Opportunity

Companies are facing three big issues right now.  One, a lot of their employees are disengaged.  Two, a lot of those employees are looking for other work.  Three, it’s getting harder and harder to find good people.  The positive spin right now is that we have several different generations all working together.  We also have neuroscience now for the first time, where you really begin to understand where trust resides in the brain.

If we understand that part we can actually create conversations that make that kind of chemical reaction take place.  We’ve also got the ability to measure human behavior in ways we never did before.  We can actually start to make the argument how do training and development and coaching actually create better engagement, more productivity, less waste, and overall bottom-line results.

You create bottom-line results by attracting and retaining top talent, developing learning cultures, and tapping into individual, team and organizational purpose.  This creates aligned engagement, and aligned engagement creates bottom line results. We help the individual, the team, and the organization identify its purpose and align them all together. Your team does not retain his learning through knowledge: read a book watch a TED Talk, see a speaker.  They retain their learning through an experience.

That’s what we do at Mission Facilitators. We create experience. We create the space for people to take the knowledge that they have and to be able to translate it into something much more visceral.  We are very much a learn by doing organization.  That’s what we do with you and your team.  We believe that transformation is a journey.  Our work is inspired by age-old wisdom combined with a modern-day understanding of adult learning and neuroscience. We would love to embark on that journey with you.