We Need a New Mindset

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How to Replace Feeling Like a Victim to Seeing Options

A VICTIM mindset has taken root in American business. God, it’s been a challenging year. And no one blames anyone for feeling beaten down, tired, and burned out. In any year, leaders need to shape their employee’s mindsets, not just the business balance sheet. Notice how the following phrases spoken by your employees stop creative thinking:

  • “We can’t,”
  • “We won’t,”
  • “It’s impossible,”
  • “Let’s wait and see?”

The moment we fall victim to a person or a situation – when we feel we have no choice – immediately we cut off:

  • Intuition,
  • Options,
  • Creative brainstorming and problem-solving,
  • Hope and confidence.

Notice your mindset. It’s essential to accept reality. But, it’s debilitating to feel one has no choice. Always look for options. Encourage your people to see possibilities, not only limitations. If we fall victim to being a victim, no one operates at their best. During this challenging time, one of your most important jobs is to help your employees change their mindset from victim to possibility.

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“Leadership is a mindset that shifts from being a victim to creating results.”

— Robin S. Sharma