Simple Ways to Improve Productivity

improving productivity

Manage the Small Stuff, Like Email, for Big Returns

THE AVERAGE WORKER SENDS AND RECEIVES 200+ email messages a day, interrupting phone calls, focused work time and personal conversations. And the sad thing is, we let it happen.
Email interruptions can suck out up to 28 percent of our day, creating a $650 billion drag on the U.S. economy each year. Email use has conditioned us to think in short bursts, stunting our ability to remain focused. It is also the worst medium to resolve conflict, yet most of us hide behind our keyboard when confronted with a sensitive issue.

Email Best Practices

  1. Check your email twice a day—no more. In fact, add it to your calendar to remind yourself that you’ve already set aside time to read and respond to emails.
  2. Develop a policy for your team. Allow and encourage your team to not respond to emails immediately.
  3. Set expectations. Let those you email know that you respond to emails daily, but not immediately. In your signature line, let recipients know that emails marked “urgent” in the subject line will be read first, and call out those who abuse this knowledge.
  4. Use email etiquette. Only use “cc” and “reply all” when it’s absolutely necessary.
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“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.”
― Jim Rohn