Bring Happiness to Work

improving productivity

A happy brain outperforms a negative brain THE MAJORITY of the information we are fed every day is not positive. The news is about murder, corruption, natural disasters and diseases, like COVID-19. Quickly our brains start to think that’s the accurate ratio of negative to positive in the world. It’s not the reality that shapes […]

How Redefining Success Will Change Work and Society

Why connection, love and meaning are taking on greater importance OUR RECIPE FOR SUCCESS prior to Covid-19 was based on many things – planning, leadership, expense-control, employee engagement – but the main ingredient was effort. Ask any parent, teacher or rock star entrepreneur and you’d hear “hard work” to explain the mystery behind a successful […]

How To Improve Time Management

Culture Change

Put structure back into your life. HOW DO YOU GET WORK done without depleting your energy, spirit and creativity? 1. Remove roadblocks. 2. Increase energy. 3. Focus actions. Remove distractions: Cancel all unnecessary meetings. Those that are necessary, use them to make key decisions not just exchange information. Clear the decks of things you’re avoiding: […]