Why Your Culture-Building Efforts Often Fail


Redefine culture and make it a part of how you do business.

MANY OF US TOSS around the word “culture” like we do our business cards at a networking event. We know it’s important. Yet, we don’t know how to define it, nor how to create it. We also see culture as something different from the business. “Once we get the team in place, our strategies set and we are making budget, then we will work on our culture”, as if culture-building efforts were a perk, a reward; not a tool to help achieve company goals.

“Culture is how we get things done, fueled by vision, values and behavior”. With this definition, now culture is a part of our work, not separate from the business. The smart organizations decide to make culture-building a key strategy that is supported, funded and measured – because “vision, values and behaviors” directly impact “what we do”.

Some of the outcomes of a strong and healthy culture include: individual and team resilience, high engagement, productivity and retention results; teams are more able to be high-performing, and productivity is higher than in other companies; agility and innovation and creativity are strengths; and customer service and community involvement are a part of the company’s brand.

How do we build cultures-by-design? We use many and sometimes all of our creative approaches in executive coaching, leadership and team development, strategic planning and Board of Director development. Culture-work is the full magnification of individual, team and organizational transformation.

We believe that when people, teams and organizations understand their purpose, acknowledge their truth, honor their intuition and embrace connection, we have the power to transform the workplace and the whole of our livers. This is why culture matters. By helping employees, leaders, teams and organizations develop the mindset and skills to transform their cultures, we believe the fabric of our society is gradually repaired.

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“Corporate culture is the only sustainable competitive advantage that is completely within the control of the entrepreneur. Develop a strong corporate culture first and foremost.”

– David Cummings