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Learn to be self-aware and authentic in order to gain the wisdom and courage you need to guide and serve others.

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Build your team and executive presence quickly and effectively with a customized and courageous facilitation.

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Improve communication, set clear organizational goals and create a culture of inclusion to attract, engage and keep top talent.

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We work with leaders, ready to transform themselves, their teams, and their organizations.

Our trained and certified coaches have worked with over 1,000 leaders from around the world, from a wide variety of industries, manager to CEO, on topics of onboarding, leadership, succession, team building, executive presence, communication, and change management.

Leadership Training

In today’s world of short attention spans, multi-generational teams, remote work impacting culture and collaboration, and shrinking engagement numbers, companies are struggling to develop a learning culture with the right skills and attitudes. Leadership training programs are the answer.

Our experienced facilitators and leadership training programs will give your executives all the tools, training, and skills they need to set your team up for success from ideation and communication to collaboration and innovation.

Strategic Planning

At MFI, our strategy-development workshops produce actionable plans. We help you build your team and your plans at the same time. Leadership is the link between vision and taking action, and we’re here to transform your executive team into full-fledged leaders.

The many far outweigh the power of the few; a well-developed process creates far better outcomes than a ‘cookie-cutter approach,’ and knowledgeable, sensitive, and courageous facilitation transforms teams and organizations.

Culture Change

The MFI corporate culture transformation process refreshes and recreates cultures that attract, engage, and keep top talent, board members, partners, and customers. Our corporate culture consulting is aligned around shared beliefs and creating a meaningful purpose.

Transformation is a process that is as timeless as it is evolving. As culture change consultants, we draw inspiration from age-old wisdom, modern-day best practices, research, neuroscience, and over 30 years of success with clients all around the world.


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Featured: Goodwill of Central and Northern Arizona

Goodwill of Central and Northern AZ transforms its culture to better serve its community

This non-profit organization approached us with the desire to reestablish a relationship with their community by building an internal culture of servant leadership that aligned with new branding.

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