Branding Is Not About You

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To Brand Is To Serve

HOW MANY TIMES have you been bored to death by a presentation that was long and way too detailed? Or read a mission statement that highlighted the company’s experience, education, and know-how with little mention of the customer? Or, felt the brand of an organization was confusing as it tried to be all things to all people?

Kait LeDonne from LeDonne Brands is turning the branding process upside down. She believes a brand should focus on the experience of the client, not on the credibility of the person or company. She also believes people are feeling disconnected and afraid as they navigate through the COVID pandemic. So, the messages we convey in our brand should address this reality. I recently interviewed her for The Business of Intuition Podcast and here are some tips that came from that interview:

  • Your brand should make people feel safe, loved and connected.
  • Your authenticity is a function of your intuition: so follow your gut when making decisions about messaging your brand.
  • Don’t be all things to all people. Specialize and you’ll accelerate your following.
  • Branding follows the law of attraction; be what you are representing.
  • Participate in the important social discussions of the day, not by taking sides, but by sharing what you value as it relates to issues.
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“Invention, it must be humbly admitted, does not consist in creating out of void but out of chaos.”

― Mary Shelly