Thank you for Your Application to be on “The Business of Intuition”

We appreciate your interest in joining me as a guest on an upcoming podcast of “The Business of Intuition.”

We will be in contact with you with more details.

Dean Newlund, founder of Mission Facilitators International

In these podcasts, we’ll be teaching listeners how to identify, trust and find the courage to use their intuition. We’ll also promote your company or work and highlight your expertise.

Be sure to:

  • Subscribe to The Business of Intuition on iTunes if you have IOS
  • Review the show on iTunes and send us a screen shot
  • You must have a professional microphone and headphone. About $49 to get them, no cell phone or earbud mics
  • Listen to and episode or two of the show so you know what you’re getting into

HOW To Prepare

Come with stories that illustrate how you have improved your impact or effectiveness by using intuition.

Be ready to discuss a moment in your life that helped shape who you are as a professional today.

Please make sure to specify any topics you’d like to discuss in the intake form below. This will help me promote you and your episode.

Be sure you have the recommended hardware for best sound quality (see below).

I’ll prepare too!

I will review the information you supply on this form, read through your website and look up relevant materials (books, articles, linkedIn profile, etc.) to become familiar with you and your message.

Interview Format

I typically start by asking you to share that life-defining moment that shaped who you are as a professional. Then the conversation takes off from there in a free-flowing manner, without any pre-planned questions. I will make sure to steer our interview to cover any topics you specify below.

Recommended Hardware

It’s important that you use a remote microphone and headset. Don’t use your computer’s built-in mic! We want to record your episode with the highest quality audio possible.

Please email us at: