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Challenges / Opportunities

After it had been open for 6 years, a biotech company was struggling to develop leadership skills for entrepreneurial scientists and overworked administrators, while at the same time each lab and administrative department was operating as a silo, without institute-wide strategies. Key leadership saw the need to improve leadership skills and develop institute-wide strategies.

They also felt that stronger leadership and clearer, aligned strategies would make them more efficient, competitive for government grants, and attractive to highly sought after scientists.

Recommendations & Implementations

  • Surveyed key leadership about the health and direction of the Institute
  • Provided executive coaching to a total of 13 scientific and administrative leaders
  • Developed a process to facilitate strategic planning sessions across 18 different departments and scientific divisions
  • Facilitated strategic planning sessions and provided follow up support
  • Collaborated with CHRO and COO on developing a process to align strategic plans into a single document that would later be presented to the board of directors
  • Developed and trained people on the use of a strategic planning scorecard
  • Provided recommendations and consulting services to leadership and trained when needed


For the first time in the institute’s history, departments and scientific divisions developed strategic plans that were rolled up into an institute-wide plan.

Improvement was seen in accountability, collaboration, open communication, processes, efficiency, and leadership.

Follow Up

There was on-going support for two years.

“Dean is not only a highly experienced executive coach, but he is also a very trustworthy and likable person. His warm style and practical advice made him very easy to work with across the organization at such a critical stage of evolution. He has an uncanny ability to see through the issues and get at the real heart of the matter almost immediately. He works to acquire and maintain a clear understanding of the nuances of the organization and the various players. He reinforced that at the center of all solutions are people.

Dean’s involvement with the organization created significant improvement in communications, clear goal setting, accountability, and inclusion. His work with Tgen help make this a place we all want to work. His involvement has made such an important impact through motivating the team toward common goals and improving the team dynamics. This impact and related successes have been acknowledged at the Board level.”

– Tess Burleson, Chief Operating Officer

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