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Redesigning sales structure for nation-wide service organization.

Facilities Management

Scottsdale, AZ


Challenges / Opportunities

OpenWorks was looking for a partner to assess their organization and make recommendations on an optimal organizational structure to support their rapid growth both effectively and cost-efficiently with increased employee retention.

Recommendations & Implementations


  • Review strategic plans, sales and services results and organizational structure
  • Develop targeted questions for live interviews
  • Interview 18 people representing a cross section of the organization
  • Obtain feedback from a Certified Public Accountant
  • Compile and develop a report reflecting interview results, our 26-year experience and best practice
  • Present report to key Corporate Leadership Team
  • Facilitate a ’future-state’ session
  • Facilitate a working session with Divisional Area Directors


  • Simplified Structure
    • Single sales department
    • Franchise and strategic sales are contained, but report up to sales department
  • Agility
    • Virtual offices with area hubs
    • Correct ratio of manager to staff (one manager to 8 staff, approx.)
  • Customer experience
    • Experienced salespeople
    • Account sales focus
    • Improve the skill and service level of franchisees
  • Employee experience
    • Training, career path opportunities
    • Change management and communication
    • Meaningful connections and teaming


The organization reported implementing several of our recommendations. They were able to adapt to a simplified structure that aligned with their values, company focus areas and key strategies.

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