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Promotional products company goes to Hollywood to develop their mission statement and improve customer service.

Advertising, Promotional

2003 Western Ave., Seattle, WA

Challenges / Opportunities

A large promotional products company struggled with how to build teams spread across three different regions while facing strong pressure to grow market share in a very competitive industry. The President of the company realized that a culture of teamwork would translate into exceptional customer service.

Recommendations & Implementations

The President of the company hired Mission Facilitators International to develop a unique team-building process, which included:

  • Facilitating three teams in three locations on developing a company-wide mission statement
  • Teams assembling at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood and are given lessons in movie acting
  • Assigning team members to be directors, actors, props people, etc.
  • Teams acting in a silent movie depicting their team’s mission statement – filmed by a professional Hollywood film crew
  • 1920’s-like silent films were viewed by entire company and academy awards were presented for best actor, director, supporting actress and actor as well as best mission statement


  • The company reported improvement in employee and customer retention, stronger alignment to customer service, and increased sales.
  • Teamwork becomes a part of the company’s culture.
  • Collaboration, open communication, peer coaching and accountability all improved.
  • For that year, the company exceeded sales expectations and had one of its best years ever.

“Our involvement with MFI transformed our culture which lead to better service and sales.”

– Ed Johnson, President and CEO of Geiger Cribbins

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