ASU Enterprise Technology


Aligning a New Team Around Customers and Norms

Higher education

Tempe, AZ


Challenges / Opportunities

After the restructuring and expansion of the technology arm of ASU, members and leadership of the team were unclear about how functions within the department were aligned and how to collaborate and reduce waste, inefficiencies, and redundancies.

Recommendations & Implementations

The MFI facilitator worked carefully with the Chief of Staff and the Chief Culture Officer on designing a one-day event that resulted in two outcomes: 1, team norms and 2, ways the larger team and the senior team could collaborate better.   Facilitator Dean Newlund guided the group with the MFI tool, “Organizational Value Alignment.” This backward working approach started with identifying the customers and clients this group serves, understanding those customer categories’ Beliefs, Desires, and Worries, followed by placing a promise to that group that would inform strategy, commitments and goals.  The process continued by identifying nine team norms and ways for further collaboration.


Short-term feedback included everyone feeling “happy, happy, happy” with the process and the experience.  The documented output from the day will be used to further refine and implement the team norms and collaboration strategies.  The team will take each team norm and refine and discuss how to implement it. 


“It was a wonderful retreat, and we all left very happy.  Thank you for your presence and facilitation chops!”

– Christine Whitney Sanchez, Chief Culture Officer, ASU Enterprise Technology.

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