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AZ Tech Council builds their strategic plan and senior team.

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Phoenix, AZ


Challenges / Opportunities

The AZ Tech Council needed a way to manage their growth, keep their Board and employees engaged, and focus their efforts on key priorities. They hired MFI to help them develop a strategic plan.

Recommendations & Implementations

MFI designed and facilitated a two day strategic planning session with the senior team.

The process included exercises, assessments and discussions that also focused on improving the dynamics of the team.


The team developed a 3 year strategic plan that included a revised vision and mission statement, values and 5 strategies.

They also created a code of conduct for the team that was designed to guide their behavior for optimal performance.

Follow Up

The Board of Directors were involved in a follow up session; to gain their understanding and buyin to the strategic plan.

A second strategic plan was developed a couple of years later. And, the Foundation Board also engaged MFI in helping them develop a strategic plan.

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