Tiffany Houser: The Advantage of Self-Worth for Leaders and Teams

Mission Facilitators International
May 7, 2024
3:00 am
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In this podcast, we explore the fundamental relationship we have with ourselves and how it impacts our relationships with others, especially in leadership roles. Our guest, Tiffany Houser, shares insights on how childhood experiences shape our self-worth and how we can break free from false beliefs and conditioning. We delve into the common struggles leaders face, such as self-doubt and imposter syndrome, and discuss practical strategies to overcome these challenges. 


About Tiffany Houser:

Tiffany Houser is an executive & leadership coach and founder of EVOLVE, and is on a mission to create experiences for senior leaders and founders to transform self-worth, authentic leadership style, vision, and purpose. Tiffany believes in cultivating compassionate, responsible, inclusive, and empowered leaders at all levels in your organization. Through her 1:1 coaching, she uncovers hidden self-worth struggles and equips leaders with the tools to create clarity, confidence, trust and impact. Tiffany is also the Creator of  Self Worth Advantage which provides leaders and their people partners with strategies and a framework to leave the imposter feelings behind for good. Tiffany is a Michigan alum, a former SoulCycle Instructor and DJ, and serves on the Board of Becky’s Fund. Tiffany fills up her cup with her partner Jay, their dog Coconut, and their adventurous life together.


In this episode, Dean Newlund and Tiffany Houser discuss:

  • Discover the fundamental relationship with ourselves and its impact on building strong relationships with others
  • Learn how CEOs and leaders can overcome self-doubt and imposter syndrome during challenging times
  • Understand the origins of self-worth issues and their manifestation in the workplace
  • Explore the connection between childhood experiences and adult behaviors related to validation and feedback
  • Recognize the importance of self-trust, growth mindset, and self-care in maintaining a strong sense of self-worth
  • Gain strategies for dealing with self-doubt and burnout, emphasizing the value of self-care
  • Learn how emotional intelligence, self-awareness, and an agile learning mindset contribute to showing up with worth and value in relationships and work


“You get to trust yourself. That’s one of the biggest gifts you can ever give yourself. Trust yourself.” — Tiffany Houser


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