Susan Meier: Zig Zag: The Intuitive Path To Work That Makes You Happy

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Apr 2, 2024
3:00 am
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Tune in to the latest episode of “The Business of Intuition” where intuition meets strategy in the corporate world. Dean Newlund is joined by Susan Meier, a branding connoisseur hailing from the Big Apple, where the crossroads of art and business converge. Take advantage of this insightful dialogue that melds the imaginative mindset with corporate savvy, evidencing that the heart of successful branding lies within the innovative fusion of contrasting elements.


About Susan Meier:

Susan Hamilton Meier is a branding expert and career coach who helps women find the through-line of their work history, write a focused, memorable elevator pitch, and design a vision and action plan for the next phase of their journey.

An alum of Harvard Business School, the Boston Consulting Group, and 20 years as a Fortune 500 brand strategist, Susan is now on a mission to empower other women to own their stories and unlock their promises.


In this episode, Dean Newlund and Susan Meier discuss:

  • Breaking the Mold at Harvard

Susan narrates her serendipitous experience at Harvard Business School, defying the typical Myers-Briggs profiles you’d see in the business sphere, and how this outlier approach has advantageously shaped her career.

  • Personas and Precision

By focusing on the development of detailed personas, brands can achieve a tone of voice and message that truly connects with their audience, whether it’s patients, nurses, or physicians in the healthcare industry.

  • Untangling Messy Stories

Whether you’re at the corporate, small business, or CEO level, Susan’s expertise lies in distilling convoluted narratives into clear, potent branding messages.

  • Value Alignment

What’s your North Star? Understanding what fundamentally drives you or your business is crucial. Susan and Dean discuss the necessity of aligning with core values to establish authentic and efficient branding.

  • Prioritizing with Purpose

With infinite possibilities but finite resources, prioritization is key. Learn to identify the vital few objectives that will propel your brand forward.


“You can’t create a brand that’s for everyone. In fact, that’s the definition of bad branding. Right. You need to have a point of view, a perspective. You need to say, this is for these folks, and it’s not for these folks, because otherwise it’s very hard for people to find you.” — Susan Meier


Susan’s Exclusive Offer:

Susan Meier also offers a 5-week course called ENVISION, available as either one-on-one or small-group coaching sessions, where we work together to write your brand story and chart a course for what’s next in your career. More info at https://www.susanmeierstudio.com/career-coach

There are also free downloads at https://www.susanmeierstudio.com/downloads including the Brand Story Quick-Start Guide and the Work Happy Big 5.


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