Simon Severino: The Myths And Tips About Strategy

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Feb 21, 2023
4:00 am
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Simon Severino helps business owners in SaaS and Services run their company more effectively which results in sales that soar. Trusted by Google, Roche, Consilience Ventures, Amgen, AbbVie. He created the Strategy Sprints Method that doubles revenue in 90 days by getting owners out of the weeds. TEDx speaker, Contributor to Forbes and Entrepreneur Magazine, member of the SVBS Silicon Valley Blockchain Society.


In this episode, Dean Newlund and Simon Severino discuss:

  • What is a strategy sprint? 
  • The difference between planning and strategy 
  • Looking at the whole picture when strategizing 
  • The three things that are in your control 


Key Takeaways:

  • A strategy sprint is about creating a habit of executing based on information that you’ve gathered and doing it better each time. It’s not about planning, it’s about building. 
  • The difference between planning and strategy is that planning is a list of activities while strategy is an assumption of how you are going to win the game. 
  • When working on strategy, you’ve got to look at the organization as a whole and not only at one area. In sports, you’ve got to improve both your offense and defense if you want to win the game. The same is true for companies. 
  • You have no control over most of your business and what happens to it. What you do have control of is your response, how you allocate your time and attention, and how you re-budget. 


“The difference between planning and strategy planning is a list of activities, but strategy is an assumption [of] ‘this is how we are going to win the game’.” —  Simon Severino


See Dean’s TedTalk “Why Business Needs Intuition” here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EEq9IYvgV7I



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