Shivany Gonell: Akashic Records Demystified: How the Akashic can help you in life and business

Mission Facilitators International
Aug 1, 2023
3:00 am
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In this episode of The Business of Intuition, discover the breathtaking journey of Shivany Gonell as she unraveled the secrets of human design, only to stumble upon an unexpected twist that reshaped her understanding of the transition to individuality and abundance in changing times. Brace yourself for the unforeseen revelation that will leave you longing for more, as Shivany’s story takes an intriguing turn toward a destiny yet to be unveiled.


About Shivany Gonelle:

Shivany is known for finding the “gold” in your business and has helped 100s of clients find their “magic key” to tap into the flow of money so it becomes predictable, reliable, and fun. She is a highly sought-after women’s empowerment coach, intuitive business mystic, master energy healer, psychic, inspirational speaker, co-author of “The Book of Inspiration for Women by Women” and has been featured on Self Discovery Radio, New Human Living, and the Kat Kanavos TV Show. 

She is also an expert on personal and spiritual transformation, supporting cutting-edge thought leaders and master healers in this global shift to claim their sovereignty using the Akashic Records as a grounded tool to get information on who you are at the Soul level so you get your message out in a bigger way.  

She lives in Far North Queensland, Australia, on top of a mountain, in a tropical wonderland, working towards self-sufficiency and building a local community. When she is not on Zoom mentoring her clients, she is often spotted frolicking with her Rhodesian Ridgeback Akash and Isis, the new puppy on the beach. 


In this episode, Dean Newlund and Shivany Gonell discuss how to:

  • Explore the process of transitioning to personal growth and abundant living in an evolving world.
  • Discover the importance of individualism and harnessing the power of local networks for support.
  • Understand the role of human design in elucidating our purpose and interpreting cosmic energies.
  • Learn about the significance of intuition in managing life complexities and discerning authentic truths.
  • Break away from societal constraints to truly embrace and utilize your individual potential.


“In this global shift, we have the opportunity to tap into our unique gifts and create a life of abundance and joy. Trust the process, embrace your sovereignty, and watch the magic unfold.” —  Shivany Gonell


Connect with Shivany:  


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Website URL: https://shivany.com/


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