Projjal Ghatak: No More Tears Performance Management

Mission Facilitators International
Apr 25, 2023
3:00 am
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Projjal founded OnLoop in 2020 to create a category called Collaborative Team Development (CTD) to fundamentally reinvent how hybrid teams are assessed and developed. This was after over a decade of frustration with clunky, traditional enterprise performance management and learning processes and tools that were either hated or ignored by his teams at companies like Uber and Accenture where he spent many years. He is now dedicated to his lifelong mission of unleashing the full potential of the world’s 1 billion knowledge workers.

Prior to founding OnLoop, Projjal spent three and a half years at Uber in a variety of roles including leading Strategy & Operations for Business Development globally, leading Strategy & Planning for the APAC rides business, and GM of the Philippines rides business. Besides Uber, he also spent some time raising debt and equity from New York hedge funds for an industrials conglomerate (Essar), in strategy consulting in South East Asia (Accenture), and in early-stage companies in Latin America (BlueKite, El Market) before that. Somewhere along the way he spent 2 years at Stanford (GSB), getting an MBA.

In this episode, Dean Newlund and Projjal Ghatak discuss:

  • Collaborative team development
  • How Onloop’s platform collects significantly more disparate data points to get a full understanding of an employee
  • The importance of having good data
  • Balancing technology with face-to-face feedback

Key Takeaways:

  • Efforts to analyze and develop hybrid teams will be more forward-looking through collaborative team development than performance management, which focuses on the backward process.
  • Unlike other platforms, Onloop’s platforms don’t prescribe how bonuses should be decided for individuals; what they recommend is how much data should be collected at the end of a quarter and semester, and how to use that data to analyze someone’s achievements across targets, projects, and skills.
  • You cannot measure the amount of money you are investing in developing the same way a hedge fund does if you think of people as assets. We can do a lot more to ensure that the right capital is being used in the right place, but that starts with a foundation of good data.
  • Generative AI makes writing good feedback easier, but there is a different quality of relationship that happens when we sit down and have a live conversation. It’s really all about the conversation.

“In this hybrid world, we have to fundamentally shift how we think about performance, and then how do we measure performance on an ongoing basis.” —  Projjal Ghatak

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