Navid Alipour: How AI Is Changing Healthcare and Other Industries

Mission Facilitators International
May 23, 2023
3:00 am
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Navid Alipour, the co-founder of Cure Metrics and Cure Match, reveals the power of AI in detecting breast cancer and heart disease while advocating for early detection and second opinions in a world where cancer rates are skyrocketing due to delayed doctor visits during the pandemic.


About Navid Alipour:

Navid Alipour is the Chief Executive Officer at AI Med Global, a company focused on Artificial Intelligence Technology that improves healthcare and helps save lives. AI Med Global is a roll-up of two companies Navid cofounded, CureMetrix and CureMatch. He is also a founder of an AI-focused VC fund, Analytics Ventures.

Through the founding of multiple Artificial Intelligence (AI) companies, Navid is a long-time entrepreneur in the AI space with an emphasis on the convergence of AI and the life sciences, which is also called Wellness Science.

He seeks to identify scientists and domain experts in their respective fields to that are solving massive pain problems to take to market, by building companies from inception. 

While he is a VC and part of the founding of Analytics Ventures, he considers himself an entrepreneur at heart.


In this episode, Dean Newlund and Navid discuss:

  • Learning about the repercussions of COVID-19 on healthcare and AI’s potential to transform this field
  • Investigating the scope of AI for early diagnosis and customization of cancer treatment
  • Predicting the evolving landscape of healthcare with patients having increased access to personal data and wearable health technology
  • Understanding the significance of AI in radiology to detect early signs of disease and manage priority cases
  • Contemplating the balance between safeguarding privacy and harnessing shared data for medical research and development


“We’re not there to replace the doctors, but doctors using AI will replace doctors that are not.” —  Navid Alipour



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