Michele Sammons: How To Use The Power Of Your Intuition To Make Better Decisions For Yourself And Your Business

Mission Facilitators International
Dec 6, 2022
4:00 am
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Michele Sammons is an inspirational author, intuitive teacher, and highly-attuned guide who works with clients worldwide helping them transform their lives.

As an empath and intuitive, Michele’s light-hearted, joyful approach embraces people right where they are on their spiritual path and gently guides them to personal clarity and understanding. She is passionate about working with Spirit to uplift others while spreading love and joy along the way.

Michele makes her home in Memphis, Tennessee, with her husband Scott, and chocolate Labrador, Dewey. Michele is the author of The Little Book of Big Knowing: Tiny Bursts of Insight to Wake Up Your Soul and Intuitive Companion: Consult Your Inner Guru for Everyday Guidance.

Michele’s work is featured in Authority Magazine, Thrive Global, and Well Defined.


In this episode, Dean Newlund and Michele Sammons discuss:

  • People‚Äôs innate ability to be intuitive¬†
  • Intuitive brainstorming¬†
  • Intuition is the path¬†
  • Nurturing intuition¬†


Key Takeaways:

  • We are all born naturally intuitive but as we grow older, the tendency is that we lose connection to it and get trained out of our natural ability.¬†
  • People have different ways of tapping into their intuition, but your ability to be intuitive is not limited by space. Through intention and giving yourself permission, you can let your creativity and ideas flow.¬†
  • Intuition is a delivery mechanism, it‚Äôs the path in which you can receive guidance.¬†
  • Get quiet and spend some time in silence. Check in with yourself and pay attention to your emotions and your body. Find a calm, centered, neutral space so that you can tap into your higher self.¬†¬†


“Spend some time in silence. That’s when our intuition has room to grow and show itself. Let the outer world dim its lights a little bit so we can turn to the inner world.” ‚ÄĒ¬† Michele Sammons


See Dean‚Äôs TedTalk ‚ÄúWhy Business Needs Intuition‚ÄĚ here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EEq9IYvgV7I



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