Marsha Acker: The Key to Leading Change

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Aug 29, 2023
3:00 am
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Does this sound familiar? You’re a leader or manager in an organization, struggling to manage meetings and foster team collaboration. You’ve been told to take charge and lead from the front, but it often leads to disengagement and a lack of input from your team. The pain of feeling like you’re shouldering all the responsibility and not getting the desired results is overwhelming. But there’s a better way to balance leading and collaboration, and it starts with understanding the role of facilitation in leadership.


About Marsha Acker:

Marsha is the founder and CEO of TeamCatapult, a respected and sought-after leadership development firm that equips leaders at all levels to facilitate and lead sustainable behavioral change. She partners with leaders and leadership teams to clarify their desired change, develop communicative competence, and think together – accessing their collective intelligence to bring about change. 

TeamCatapult is a partner to mid-size start-ups and global Fortune 500 companies across sectors like entertainment, game development, banking, insurance, healthcare, communications, government, information technology, consumer goods, and retail. 

Marsha Acker is an executive & leadership team coach, author, speaker, facilitator, and host of the Defining Moments of Leadership Podcast. Marsha is unparalleled at helping leaders identify and break through stuck patterns of communication that get in the way of high performance. She is known internationally as a facilitator of meaningful conversations, a host of dialogue, and a passionate agilest. She is the author of The Art and Science of Facilitation: How to Lead Effective Collaboration with Agile Teams and Build Your Model for Leading Change: A Guided Workbook To Catalyze Clarity And Confidence In Leading Yourself And Others.


In this episode, Dean Newlund and Marsha Acker discuss how to:

  • Unlock the secret to maximizing productivity and enjoyment through better meeting management.
  • Explore the crucial role of facilitative leadership in encouraging collaboration.
  • Scrutinize how decision-making processes morph the effectiveness of your meetings.
  • Tackle behavioral model conflicts in meetings for fruitful conversations and diverse ideas.
  • Develop acute clarity, robust preparation, and smooth facilitation for superior meetings.


“Facilitation is a magical skill that brings clarity, engagement, and meaningful conversations to your team.” —  Marsha Acker


Connect with Marsha Acker:  

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