Kris Prochaska: Intuition is Socially Inconvenient

Mission Facilitators International
Jun 2, 2020
10:00 am
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Kris’ 20+ combined years of experience as a therapist and business consultant help her laser right to the root of an issue and provide her clients with effective and practical solutions. Maybe it’s because she prefers cowboy boots to heels, but she’s been described as an intuitive sharp-shooter who knows exactly what an individual or company needs to eliminate AND do more of in order to bring them into alignment for a greater purpose, productivity, & profit. Her 2015 TED talk has over 234k views, and while she spoke about ‘how to get your kids to listen & engage’, the principles hold true in business as well. Kris is also a TEDx speaker coach and the author of Life Well

Spoken: Free Your Inner Voice & Prosper. She is a Certified BG5 Human Design Business Consultant & Human Design Profit Potential Coach.

In this episode Dean and Kris discuss:

  • How we communicate energetically first and foremost, and intuition comes from that energy.
  • Making space at the table for intuition by developing empathetic communication skills that honor both the data and intuitive thinking.
  • Learning and developing energy intelligence so you can tap into the energy we are all either receiving or transmitting.
  • Mapping people’s communication and interaction styles using Human Design to build an effective, productive team with no energy gaps.

Key Takeaways: 

  • Intuition is the ability to perceive and be aware of energy without any preconceived notions about it.
  • Effective leaders create an atmosphere where intuition is socially acceptable.
  • An intuitive hit has no emotion attached to it, it is neutral. It is pure in its original form.
  • When people are aligned with the right position that fits their energy, they will blossom.

Connect with Kris Prochaska:

Website: http://www.krisprochaska.com

Instagram: Living Design Institute

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/kris-prochaska-consultant

Email: kris@krisprochaska.com

Book: Life Well Spoken: Free Your Inner Voice & Prosper

Connect with Dean Newlund:  

Twitter: Mission Facilitators (@mfileadership)

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