Kathy Lowrey Gallowitz: Hire Veterans To Win The War On Talent

Mission Facilitators International
Sep 5, 2023
3:00 am
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Discover the untapped potential of ex-military personnel in your organization as Kathy Lowrey Gallowitz reveals their exceptional work ethic, mission focus, and efficiency. But will the challenge of integrating them into civilian work cultures prove to be a roadblock? Find out how to bridge the gap and create strong, inclusive teams in this eye-opening conversation.


About Kathy Lowrey Gallowitz:

Retired LtCol Kathy Gallowitz grew up as a Navy ‘brat,’ served nearly 30 years as an Air Force Officer, and is married to an Army combat Veteran. She is the Founder & CEO of Vanguard Veteran, LLC, author of “Beyond ‘Thank You For Your Service,’ The Veteran Champion Handbook” for Civilians, and has Masters degrees in Nursing and Political Science. As an award-winning businesswoman with first-hand experience hiring Veterans, Kathy coaches employers to excel with Veteran-hiring in ways that boost company productivity and reduce turnover. 

Her “Veteran Talent Academy” equips employers to find, hire, and leverage Veterans’ skill sets. Kathy also equips volunteer faith community leaders to build Military Ministries to cultivate mutual support, a sense of belonging, and spiritual resiliency for military-connected people.


In this episode, Dean Newlund and Kathy Lowrey Gallowitz discuss how to:

  • Dive deep into the latent potential of ex-military individuals in business settings.
  • Grapple with the complexities faced by veterans while blending into civilian jobs.
  • Familiarize yourself with the profits and misconceived notions of employing ex-military personnel.
  • Unlock insights into the underemployment issue veterans face and tactics to overcome it.
  • Examine how to make military and civilian work environments synergize for reciprocal learning.


“Veterans bring a level of discipline, teamwork, and mission focus that is essential in any workforce. ” —  Kathy Lowrey Gallowitz


Connect with Kathy Lowrey Gallowitz:  

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